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About Us

Siam Bistro is a premier and authentic Thai Restaurant that has been proudly serving the Kendall area and beyond since 2007. Since then, our mission has been to provide high-quality food for all those that wish to combine fun and enjoyable ambiance with skillful cooking into one extraordinary dining experience. Scroll down to learn more about us.

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Our Story

When I was a child, my parents always took me to the marketplace. They taught me how to select all the ingredients for cooking, which ones were good, and which one had better quality and were fresh. In each season, the vegetables, fruits, herbs, and fish are different. They taught me how to cook food based on seasonal materials to make delicious meals. Cooking is a continuous learning process, nonstop. I was an assistant in the kitchen to prepare the ingredients. Some special tips were passed on in our family since my grandparents passed it on to my parents, and then passed on to me. It was a family treasure that I inherited from them. My mom cooked fresh food every day, three meals a day for us. I could feel the love of my mom for her kids. When we said it was delicious, my mom was so happy. In special occasions, my father would cook a delicacy dish that wasn’t commonly found. Customary, the dish would contain lots of ingredients, that he would intentionally and thoroughly prepare with an extra amount as well, not only for his own kids but also for the kid’s friends and shared to our neighbors as well. Everyone loves his cooking, and they wait for when he cooks again. Cooking with the love to cook and for enjoyable meals that are valuable. Therefore, it’s my joy to have my customers enjoy my passion in cooking that I inherit from family and present to my customers. I have a dream to have a restaurant of my own. Siam Bistro was opened in 2007. My husband, Sam, has experience in customer service for 33 years. He has service in his mind.  His brother also works in the restaurant, and he has been a chef for 45 years. He was an executive chef and used to own a Vietnamese restaurant at South Beach.  I have a daughter who encourages me to continue with my goal. Thank you for all your support

Lyn & Sam


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Tom Yum Soup

7348 SW 117th Ave, Miami, FL 33183
TJ Max Plaza

(305) 274-7423

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Tue - Friday 11:30am to 10:00pm

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Closed on Monday

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